Founder of the International Shin Shi Do Karate Organization (ISSKO)

was born on the 11th December 1959 in IRAN.

with 16 years old he began with the carat of training at.

This Training was admitted to him the possibility in hazard situations themselves defend.

The first bases of the carats (Self-defense) he gained in 1976 with his coach and master Jamshid Salimi of the academy karate Iran (RESAYAR).

He learned knows In the year 1979 that, Kancho Yousef Shirsad, founders of the (ISKO). From this day, he kept on training with him.

His intensive training was worthwhile at times. He developed into one of the best of his school.

He lives Since 1990 with his family in Germany.

developed the Shin Shi Do Karate system from his own knowledge of Kyokushin Kai Karate, Shinzen Kai karate and other Martial Arts systems like Kickboxing, Thaiboxing, Chinese boxing and traditionel Iranish fighting.

He recognised the importance of the Kata as an expression of a fight and that the reasons for passing on the Kata training were not just for Martial Arts tradition, but moreover a way to liberate the thoughts and to strengthen the mental balance.

The Katas contained a number of hand and foot-techniques combined with impressive jumps, and was named Tobino Kata.

Today Shin Shi Do Karate is trained in more countries worldwide.