1. We want to train our heart and our body in order to achieve a fixed  and upright, intellectual attitude.

2. We want, according to  the true basic requirements, that lives self-defense,

so there our senses, to be watchful at the right time ability.

3. We want, with all force, to be called in for self-control.

4. Wanting we, respecting our fellow men, respecting our teachers,

and keeping us away from act of violence].

5. We want, our religious, or philosophical basic requirements, follow and never,

the true value that misjudges unselfishness.

6. We want, for wisdom and strength strive, to hinder himself ,

without us through envious requests.

7. We want to attempt with the aid of the Shin Shi Do karate ,immer to straighten our existence, according to  the true basic requirements, of our life.