Dojo label and expiration of training

When entering the Dojos (training area) twice the greeting takes place via a loud Osu -.  

The first greeting addresses itself to the director/conductor of the organization and all former teachers. The second greeting applies for the present teachers and pupils.

If a teacher enters the Dojo, then the pupils answer his greeting.

Who comes too late to training, the teacher waits to the participation requests. with the Dojoeingang to him

Training required strict discipline and highest concentration.

One speaks only after request by the teacher.

The pupils appear to training in the clean carat Gi with the Kanku badge on the left upper arm and the kanji badge on the left chest side.

Because of the danger of injury decoration before training is to be put down.

Finger and zehennaegel are to be kept short, chewing rubber as well as meal and drinking are forbidden in the Dojo.

Ceremony to the beginning of training and ends

Beginning of training:

Taiko Drum (number of impacts (rhythm): 1 X 4, 1 X 6, 1 X 9 and l loud impact)  


Command (opening ceremony):

 Seiza, Shisei O Tadashite (meaning: straight sit)  

Soshi Kancho ni Rei  


 Mokuso Yame  

 Shinden ni Rei  

 Shihan, Sensei or Sempai ni Rei (title of the informing)  

 Tatte kudasai (meaning: Rise)

Command (conclusion ceremony):


Shisei o Tadashite  

Shinzen ni Rei (meaning: Bow to the ancestors)

Dojo Gun (here the Dojo oath can be spoken)


Mokuso Yame  

Soshi Kancho Shirsad ni Rei  

Now the informing (Shihan, Sensei or Sempai) turns to the class around highest-ranking color belt calls:

Shihan ni - Arigato gozaimas (if Shihan present) Sensei ni - Arigato gozaimas (if Sensei present) Sempai ni - Arigato gozaimas  


Training end:

Taiko Drum (number of impacts (rhythm): 1 X 3, 1 X 7, 1 X 9 and l loud impact